Agrobiomics is the brain child of two friends passionate about science, agriculture and sustainability: Dr. Philippe Rolshausen and Dr. Gabriel Paulino. Both originally from France, met at UC Davis as graduate students in 2004. Ten years later after acquiring academic and industry expertise they decided to join forces to create alternative natural solutions to trunk diseases and bring long-term cost savings to fruit and nut tree growers.



Agrobiomics, started in 2014 by UCR researcher and extension specialist Dr. Philippe Rolshausen. Rolshausen has been studying agriculture, specifically tree crops such as citrus, grapes, almonds and avocados since 2009. He first developed an organic, beeswax-based sealant that growers can apply to pruning wounds to protect them from fungal diseases. He then founded Agrobiomics, a Temecula-based start-up that makes CropSeal, the first commercially available patent-pending pruning wound sealant certified for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards to prevent against trunk diseases. 

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"I am very grateful that CropSeal from Agrobiomics LLC is certified to be used in organic production. I am looking forward to working with Agrobiomics with this new product".
David S. Gates, Jr. Senior Vice President, Vineyard Operations Ridge Vineyards, Inc.

When you cut yourself, you need to put a band-aid on the cut and if you are worried about infections, you put lotions on it to clean the cut. CropSeal is like that but for grape vines. We make bandages and lotions to put on pruned tree edges. Without CropSeal you expose the vines to infections and other diseases.

Dr. Philippe Rolshausen

My research and extension program focus on understanding specific biotic and abiotic factors that limit tree crop productivity. Specifically, my lab is working on invasive and endemic vascular diseases including citrus Huanglongbing, Pierce's disease of grapevine, and fungal vascular diseases of almond and grapevine. In addition, my lab is also working on nutrient management in avocado and mango production systems.


Our Team


Philippe Rolshausen, PHD


Philippe Rolshausen, CEO of Agrobiomics. 

Philippe holds a masters degree in Viticulture and Ecology from the University of Bordeaux, France, and a PhD in Plant Pathology from the University of California, Davis. His PhD dissertation was on the biology and management of grapevine trunk diseases, and his research led to the commercialization of a pruning wound sealant. Today, he is an established and respected scientist at the University of California, Riverside, working on tree crops. He has joined forces with his good friend from UC Davis, Dr. Gabriel Paulino, to start a new journey and develop science-based products that support sustainable agriculture.

gabriel paulino, phd


Gabriel Paulino, Co-Founder of Agrobiomics.

Gabriel holds a Master in Agronomy and a PhD in Human Nutrition. He has 10 years of experience in new ventures, technology and product development in the food and agricultural industry. He worked closely with the CDFA to develop strategies against Pierce's Disease for California grape growers after doing his PhD and Business School at the University of California, Davis. He joined forces with his good friend Philippe Rolshausen to develop the new generation of science-based solutions for sustainable agriculture.